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Ellen has been called “the psychic to the psychics” and has many years of experience as a clairvoyant, clairaudient and empath. Using no tools, Ellen offers a veritable smorgasbord of intuitive readings to illuminate your path. Contact Ellen Hartwell today for the reading of your choice and, remember, Ellen
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For a reading on love and relationships, career, family matters, etc., Ellen Hartwell charges $3.00 per minute.





You are an incredible, light-filled being. You want to change some of the ways in which you are in the world and feel “stuck”. Same guy, different face? Same lady, different smile? You can change the moment you are willing to look at what you are consciously, subconsciously and even from a past life, habituated to creating. Journey with me and discover the goodness you carry and the ways in which you can transform your life by transforming your current responses and reactions to the life you are creating for yourself.
A Journey Reading takes at least one hour and illuminates your past, your present and the future you will learn to manifest for yourself.
Thank you for being willing to change - it inspires me!

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