Ellen Hartwell is a clairvoyant ( fancy word for “psychic” ), an empath ( feels what other people feel ) and a clairaudient ( hears words, phrases, book titles, songs , etc. that are pertinent to your question(s). Ellen uses no tools but will use Tarot upon your request

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke. (Women, too, obviously!)

If we do not protect the environment, um, we won’t
have an environment!

If I am infringing on any rights, here, let me know and I will remove it but this spoke to my soul and I hope it does to yours as well!:

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Free minutes are given with every reading

Ellen offers many services other than psychic readings and mentoring. Ellen Hartwell also will coach you through matters of the spirit, relationship guidance and ways to change your perspective on your circumstances. A conscious relationship is mutual and reciprocal and one can see the “vision” of the highest good for one’s self as well as one’s partner, one’s child, one’s financial endeavors, etc., etc..

e-mail Ellen to book a reading after you have sent a payment via PayPal. Ellen’s fee structure is below. Keep in mind that Ellen works EST hours and is available if her “ONLINE” sign is posted and is not if it isn’t! (You figured that out but, well, you’d be surprised!)

If you are in any way concerned about using PayPal, I can invoice you and then you do not have to be a PayPal member to pay me for my services.

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